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Surprising Prostate Facts Many Men Don’t Know About

Surprising Prostate Facts Many Men Don’t Know About

Your prostate gland is located around your urethra. This small body part plays a big role in hormone production and helps with the flow of urine. 

The prostate gland grows naturally throughout your life. When it grows too big, it can cause pressure on the urethra, leading to frustrating symptoms. 

At Urology Medical Associates Group, our medical providers specialize in diagnosing and treating enlarged prostates for men in San Fernando Valley, California. If you find out you have an enlarged prostate, we offer multiple solutions, including the minimally invasive Urolift® System

We also believe in the importance of patient education. Take a moment to learn some surprising prostate facts many men don’t know. 

An enlarged prostate doesn’t always cause symptoms

When you reach puberty, your prostate grows rapidly and usually doubles in size. In your mid-20s, the prostate gland grows again and continues growing throughout the rest of your life. 

Although an enlarged prostate may trigger urinary symptoms, many men with enlarged prostates do not experience them. Less than half of men with an enlarged prostate have symptoms that affect their quality of life. 

An enlarged prostate isn’t typically a major health concern

Your prostate gland continues to grow as you age. In fact, nearly all men eventually experience an enlarged prostate, or a benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). For example:

This is good news since most men don’t go on to develop serious problems related to BPH.

An enlarged prostate does not mean prostate cancer

An enlarged prostate isn’t the same as having prostate cancer. But that doesn’t mean it’s problem-free. If have BPH, you may experience such symptoms as:

Many of these symptoms are similar to those men with prostate cancer have, so make an appointment to see us if you experience them. 

You can avoid the complications of an enlarged prostate

Although an enlarged prostate isn’t cancerous, it can lead to more serious conditions if left untreated. Some of the conditions related to untreated BPH are:

If one or more of these symptoms develops, you may also experience these additional symptoms: 

If you have any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with us at Urology Associates Medical Group immediately. 

Even though these health complications can be frightening, you can avoid complications of an enlarged prostate by seeking medical attention as soon as you notice any of the signs of BPH. When treated, BPH rarely leads to medical complications.

Enlarged prostates are highly treatable

Struggling with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate isn’t necessary. At Urology Associates Medical Group, we use one of the safest, most effective BPH treatments available: the minimally invasive UroLift System.

UroLift addresses the restriction placed on the diameter of your urethra. By holding the excess prostate tissue back, the system treats the primary issue caused by BPH. 

Our board-certified urologist, Dr. Philip Weintraub, performs this procedure using specially designed implants that don't require any excising or cutting of prostate tissue. Dr. Weintraub inserts a small device through your urethra, then places the implants in your prostate to lift the enlarged tissue away from the urethra.

For more prostate facts or to learn more about the UroLift System, schedule an appointment by calling us at Urology Associates Medical Group in Burbank, California.

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