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Laser Surgery Specialist

Urology Associates Medical Group

Urologists located in Burbank, CA

Some urinary tract concerns, including certain types of prostate issues, cancer, and stones, can be treated with laser surgery. The specially trained urologists at Urology Associates Medical Group in Burbank, California, can help you determine if laser surgery is right for you. By opting for laser surgery instead of a more traditional, invasive route, you’ll have a quicker recovery, so you can get back to your everyday activities.

Laser Surgery Q & A

Which types of procedures can be done with a laser?

Not all urologic issues can be resolved with a laser, but laser surgery is becoming a more common treatment option for many problems. It can help with:

  • Kidney stones

  • Gallstones

  • Enlarged prostate

  • Tumor removal

  • Blockage clearance

  • Frequent urination

  • Frequent urinary tract infections

  • Bladder stones

  • Bladder control

  • Skin lesions

Why choose a laser procedure over traditional surgery?

Your urologist will likely give you surgical options when it comes to treating your medical issue. If a laser surgery is an option for you, it’s beneficial because you’ll have a:

  • Lower risk of bleeding

  • Shorter hospital stay: Most procedures are outpatient

  • Quicker recovery time

  • Reduced need for catheterization

  • Lower risk of overall surgical complications

Will I still need general anesthesia?

It depends on your particular surgery. One of the greatest risks of all types of surgeries is going under general anesthesia, so your urologist will typically try to avoid this whenever possible. Often, you’ll only need local anesthesia for laser surgeries, but ask ahead of time, so you know what to expect.

How do I prepare for laser surgery?

You’ll prepare for laser surgery just as you would for any other procedure.

Most of the time, you’ll need to stop taking certain medications — including over-the-counter drugs and supplements — for several days prior to your procedure.

In some cases, you might need to shave the area that’s going to be operated on before you go in for surgery.

You’ll likely have to fast before surgery. Take nothing by mouth the night before and the morning of your surgery.

How long is the recovery time?

After your laser surgery, you’ll have a quick recovery time and will see improved results faster than you would with traditional surgery methods.

Most men and women who require laser surgery are able to walk around, shower, and do light tasks the same day as their surgery.  Depending on what you’re having done, you should be able to return to work within a couple days. It might be longer though if you have a physically demanding job, though.