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Caring for Your Newborn Boy After His Circumcision

Caring for Your Newborn Boy After His Circumcision

From our team at Urology Associates Medical Group in Burbank, California, congratulations on your baby boy! Over half of all male newborns in the United States are circumcised, often for cultural, religious, or medical reasons. 

If you choose to get your baby circumcised, our providers specialize in performing this low-risk medical procedure. This means you can rest easy knowing your baby is in expert hands. 

We also know that if you’re having your baby circumcised, you’re probably wondering how to care for him after the procedure. That’s why we created this post-circumcision care guide. Here’s what you need to know about the procedure and what to do afterward. 

Understanding circumcision

Boys are born with a foreskin, which covers the end of their penis. Circumcision is a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin, leaving the tip of the penis exposed. 

First, we clean the penis, then numb the area using a local anesthetic. We place a sterile clamp over the head of the penis, after which we surgically remove the foreskin. Finally, we place a dressing on the penis.

The entire procedure usually takes about 10 minutes to complete, and you and your baby can return home after an hour or two. 

Post-circumcision care for babies

Once the circumcision is over, your baby might be more fussy or irritable than normal. You can give him baby acetaminophen to help with discomfort. 

You should avoid a full-body bath for a day or so or until the umbilical cord falls off, depending on your baby’s age. Warm sponge baths are OK.

The dressing we put on the penis typically falls off on its own, but if it’s still in place on the second day after the circumcision, you can remove it and apply petroleum jelly to keep the penis from sticking to your baby’s diaper.

The tip of your baby’s penis may look swollen and red. This is normal, and it should resolve within a few days. It could take 7-10 days for your baby’s penis to fully heal. 

If you notice any of the following symptoms, call us right away:

You should also call our office if your baby develops a fever, refuses to eat, or becomes increasingly fussy or irritable. 

Learn more about circumcision by scheduling a consultation at Urological Associates Medical Group in Burbank, California.

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